Carden Bottoms


Carden bottoms school was built in 1910 and was a pretty good size school house but in 1970 the school house was abandoned and over the years the gymnasium roof has fallen in and the trees and foliage have grown up and almost reclaimed the school. It’s only 15 minutes outside of Russellville and makes for a good study break. You have to go down a pretty long dirt road that is full of potholes but as long as you take the road slowly any type of car can go down it but if you don’t have a four-wheel-drive car you’ll have to leave it on the dirt road and walk about 40 yards to the school. It’s pretty safe walking through there as long as you use common sense and don’t walk near the holes in the floor other than that it’s a great place to go if you choose to go there please be respectful and don’t spray paint on the walls like others.


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