Knight And Day!

Knight and Day is a great romantic comedy action movie. Tom Cruise does a fantastic job of portraying his character as mysterious but very skillful. And Cameron Diaz does a great job portraying her character as an everyday woman skeptical of every guy she meets. The story does a great job building even before the… Continue reading Knight And Day!

Batman Begins!

Batman Begins is a great movie because it does an absolute amazing job setting of the story for the rest of the Batman movies. But unlike other movies that set up stories it’s not boring it gives you enough action to keep you interested but focuses on the story. The villain scarecrow is very well… Continue reading Batman Begins!

Eagle Eye!

Eagle eye is a great action suspense movie. It does a good job building the story at the beginning of the movie and then goes right into the action but doesn’t leave the audience confused. It has a great transition from story to action. And Shia Labeouf does a great job as his character and… Continue reading Eagle Eye!

Battlefield 3!

Battlefield three was a good installment to the battlefield series. But it lacked the distractibility that the old Battlefield game had. The good thing about battlefield three is it gave us something new it wasn’t just another shooter with a different skin it gave us different mechanics more customization and they gave us bigger and… Continue reading Battlefield 3!


Carriers is a post-apocalyptic world which did a great job of staying somewhat realistic and going for a good story over blood and gore. And it was rightly and Oscar nominee because it had such a good story. The characters in this movie really made you get emotionally involved and out of all of the… Continue reading Carriers!

LEGO Games!

Lego games such as Lego Lord of the rings are extremely entertaining. These games are aimed at children but they are based off of movies that most adults of scene and the game adds their own bit of humor which makes these games so fun to play. The graphics in this game or actually really… Continue reading LEGO Games!